Save Money By Shopping Online

Over the last few years, I’ve been doing more of my shopping online, especially for clothing and home décor items. And I’m becoming more convinced all the time that it’s a great way to save money… always a bonus!

There are a few ways to save when you buy online what you would buy anyway the next time you went to the mall.

Sign up for email updates from your favourite stores.

For me, it’s Carter’s, Old Navy and Zulily, just to name a few. I know those daily (or more!) emails can get a little annoying, but how else will you know when a store suddenly has a quick online-only sale? The best thing to do is to set up a separate email address solely for this purpose, so you don’t clutter up your usual inbox with all of these updates.

Get paid for shopping online.


I shop through Ebates. How does it work? Well, it’s simple: you sign up for an account at, make sure every time you shop online you first go to their website, and then select the store you want to shop at. It will redirect you to that store’s website to complete your shopping. Ebates keep tracks of every dollar you spend and adds a certain (pre-determined) percentage of your purchase to your Ebates account, which you then receive in the mail every quarter (as a cheque).

And, when you sign up for Ebates, you can choose to get updates on sales and special events that stores might be holding for Ebates members. Every day there are a few different stores offering double cash-back or other good deals.

The only hard part is remembering head to the Ebates website before you shop.

Save money (and time!) by shopping from home.

Don’t waste your precious time driving around town looking for good deals. And we all know fuel is not cheap, so that’s an extra bonus for shopping online.


While I love to buy most of our clothing online, I realize that some of you might not agree with me. I’d love to hear your point of view.

How do you feel about online shopping?


10 Habits for a Well-Run Home

If you feel overwhelmed at times (or all the time!) with housework, cleaning and just life in general as a mom, I’d like to share some very practical tips to help you manage your home a little better, and feel like things are under control. I stumbled across this list on Pinterest a while back, and found it quite useful for myself, so I’m sharing it in the hopes that some of you will be helped by it too.

Bernice over at The Stressed Mom shares advice with moms on making life easier and feeling more organized.

Here are her first 3 habits to practice:

1. Wake up early. I know this one stinks, but it is the best way to get a jump on your day. Otherwise, the day seems to be in control rather than you controlling the day.

2. Waking up early starts with going to bed earlier. I know that you like the time after the kids have gone to bed for yourself, or for working on projects, or even for trying to catch up on housework. The fact is, shutting down and turning in earlier will make for a better morning and you will likely be more productive. This may not be accurate for the true night owls out there, but I urge you to give it a try.

3. Evening preparations. Make sure everything that is needed to leave the house in the morning is prepped and where it should be. Teach your children this habit as soon as you possibly can, it can make your life easier.

For the rest of her list, visit The Stressed Mom.

Here’s to more organized moms!

What Makes The Perfect Home?

As mothers and young wives, we are often obsessed with cleaning and organizing and making sure our house looks good enough to entertain guests at any given time. But sometimes, that’s not what it takes to make a home REALLY a perfect home for our family.

Our homes are to be a resting place, a refuge for all members of our families; a place where we can be ourselves and relax a bit, the place where we are the most comfortable in all the world. Does a perfectly clean house always cater to that?

Here is an excerpt from a post I read recently, written by Emily Walker of Remodeling This Life:

“I was home alone. No husband, no kids. Just me. It was quiet – too quiet. And lonely – too lonely. They went on a two week trip together to end the summer before school started and had the time of their lives while I stayed home and went to work and held down the fort at home.

For the past five days now since their return, my home has been chaos. Unpacked suitcases with clothes spilling out of them on bedroom floors, toys dragged out from the tidy playroom and spread all over the living room – perfect for tripping on. Clutter all over the coffee table and counters. Dirt on the rugs from summer feet running through. A blanket fort built across the living room.

My home was perfect when there was no one in it but me. It was boring and there was very little life being lived in it.”

Hop on over here to read the rest of her post.

Maybe it’s time we start letting go of the cleaning and straightening and fussing, and just take some time to enjoy our children while we still have them. After all, how do we want them to remember us when they are 30? Do we want them to see us as an obsessive cleaning freak with no time for her kids, or as a loving mother who was always present and helped create fun memories for them?

I think I need to start rearranging my priorities… how about you?