Looking for the Good


A gift from my son ūüôā

As mothers, we are confronted with negative situations every day.

We need to correct that, clean this mess up, wash another load of laundry, issue some more discipline, etc.

It never ends.

It’s easy to forget the good things in life, the common, everyday blessings that can make us smile… when we see them.

This is helping me to look for more good in the everyday, common things.

The light breeze, the constant chatter of a 3-year-old, the “Mommy” turning into “Mom!”, the smell of fresh-cut grass….

How much good can you find today?


Wise Words

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i’m still here

I apologize for the lack of activity around here lately. My husband’s grandfather recently passed away, and I felt I should take a little break from writing.

But I’m back now, and have a little reminder for all of us¬†mamas¬†in the wake of Friday’s tragedy¬†in Newtown, CT. The devastation these parents must be feeling now is unimaginable, and I hope they know that many others are thinking of them in their grief.

You will never have this

day again with your children.

Today is a gift.

Breathe and notice.

Study their little feet and faces.

Relish the charms of the present.

Enjoy today, mama, it will

be gone before you know it.

-Jan Hatmaker

A link for you from one of my favourite bloggers – worth the read:

Newtown as I know it :: Jamie Martin

I hope to be back here on Friday to resume the regular weekly posting schedule with some thoughts on our purpose in life as mothers.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.
Do not let the pain make you hate.
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.
Take pride that even thought the rest of the world
may disagree, you still believe it to be a

beautiful place.

– Kurt Vonnegut

Another Chance

Photo by Anton Whoa – click photo for source

Another Chance

by Helen Steiner Rice

How often we wish for another chance

to make a fresh beginning.

A chance to blot out our mistakes

And change failure into winning.

It does not take a new day

To make a brand new start,

It only takes a deep desire

To try with all our heart.

To live a little better

And to always be forgiving

And to add a little sunshine

To the world in which we’re living.

So never give up in despair

And think that you are through,

For there’s always a tomorrow

And the hope of starting new.

Loving the Little Years

Today, I’d like to¬†share a book I’ve read recently: Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches¬†by Rachel Jankovic. This is a wonderful little book written with the purpose of encouraging mothers of young children and empowering them to love every minute of the few years they have with their little ones. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Motherhood is hard work. It is repetitive and often times menial. Accept it. Rejoice in it. This is your toil. Right here. Those are their faces. Enjoy them. The days of your life are supposed to be full of things like this. But joy is not giddy. It is not an emotional rush – it is what happens when you accept your lot and rejoice in your toil. So rejoice in your children. Look them in the eyes and give thanks.”

I learned a lot from this book and thought you might too. It’s a short¬†read (I finished it completely in an hour) and is very practical. The author had 5 children under the age of 6 at the time of writing and¬†recently gave birth to another. She knows what she’s talking about.¬†If you’re interested, here’s the link to the book on Amazon:

Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches

Feel free to share other books that YOU found inspiring in the comments!


I have read several authors who compare motherhood, and life in general, to the four seasons in nature. Kattrin Davida, in her book, Tranquil Thoughts on Motherhood, views each season as occurring only once, in progression from the birth of our children to the day they become independent adults, leaving our homes only to return occasionally for a visit.

“Springtime is the greeting of a newborn infant, a time of change, filled with excitement and optimism. It is gone all too quickly but replaced by glorious summer and the childhood years; years of growth, playful happiness and long carefree days. Summer seems never-ending until autumn arrives with its fascination of change and turbulence. Our children transform into teenagers, ripe and bearing the fruits of our love and labors. These can be blustery, moody days but with a little warmth they can be lovely before the beckoning hand of adulthood comes to harvest them and winter falls. The chick flies the coop and the nest is empty as they head for colleges and jobs.”¬†

Seen this way, then I’m definitely in the middle of a beautiful spring, and quickly approaching summer. I’m looking forward to it!

Jamie Martin of Steady Mom, has another interpretation. She imagines the seasons to be a continuing process in our days, changing as quickly as our children (and we ourselves) do:

“So which season of motherhood do you think you’re in?

Winter – Dark, hard to see growth, long nights

Spring – Growth beginning to bud and blossom, longer days, more light

Summer – Fullness of life in all its glory, Abundance and beauty

Fall РMaturity, learning to let go, the old dropping away to make way for the new 

These seasons sometimes coincide with the ages of our children. But sometimes they fluctuate based on our own growth, needs (& sleep levels, perhaps?!): one day spring, one day winter.”¬†

Personally, I prefer this comparison over the first one, but that‚Äôs just me. Maybe because it means I’ll get more than one summer.¬† Glass half full, people, come on…

However you view motherhood, always remember that when the cold of winter is upon you, spring is just around the corner. The bright days of summer will return, and you will once again feel the warmth of the sun.

Sounds poetic, no?

OK‚Ķ to apply this literally, think of the phases your children can go through: one day they are happily running around in diapers, the next you’re wading through potty-training with all its messes, stress and frustration. Even though it feels like they will NEVER get it, and you’ll be changing that kid’s diaper forever, it WILL come to an end and one day soon they will be happily running around again, but this time sans diaper, leaving the stress in the past… something I’ll need to remember in the next few months.

What season are you in? Are you tired and frustrated because of all the night-time feedings your baby still needs? I promise, it won’t feel like winter forever!

No matter what life throws at you, every hard day comes to an end… don’t let it wear you down. If it already is, BREATHE‚Ķ you WILL get through this! The past is just that, past. Look ahead to the sunny future!

And if you’re like me, in the bright days of spring or summer… sit back, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy it for all its worth.

Hello world!


This space was created with the intention of becoming a place young mothers and homemakers can come to find encouragement for daily life, and ideas for making the most out of our years with little ones.

I believe that motherhood is a profession, one which we should give our all to, just as we would do if we were professional lawyers, doctors, or teachers.

And the truth is, we are all those things, and more. Motherhood is basically a way of saying we are semi-professionals at everything: we are teachers, nurses, judges, referees, coaches, maids, artists, cooks, interior designers, photographers, policewomen, and waitresses. Sure, throughout this crazy life, we need to rely on the “real” professionals occasionally. But, ultimately, we are the ones our children turn to when they need help, advice, or just a hug.

Our children are our life, and I believe that any quality information and inspiration to be found on the subject should be shared with those who can benefit the most from it.

So many mothers consider being a “stay-at-home mom” a position to be ashamed of, as if they are in a lower place than all the working, career-driven women out there. My hope is to dispel those doubts, and to give moms a feeling of accomplishment in all that they do. We can and should be just as career-driven as them. After all, we are the primary influence in the formation of future professionals!

I don’t claim to know it all. I’m just another young mom who is smack dab in the middle of the diapers, laundry, and cleaning that comes with toddlers and babies. I need helpful information just as much as any of you.

My goal is to collect the best information on a variety of subjects (parenting, cooking, home decorating, homeschooling, marriage) and share it, with the hope that it will benefit you as much as it is helping me.

I also want this place to be a smorgasbord of ideas and opinions, so if you ever have advice, helpful hints, links to websites (that will help others reading this blog be better mothers and home-makers), or just want to let me know you dropped by, please leave a comment!

The plan is to share something new once a week‚Ķ it could be an inspirational quote, articles that have helped me in the past, creative ideas for rainy day activities, or just a favourite recipe. If you have any ideas on things you’d like to see here, please leave a comment after any post (I WILL read them all!) and I will try my best to post things that you will enjoy reading and can apply to your life.

Thank you for stopping by!