Another Award?!

I’ve received another award… the Liebster Award! Thank you, Mama Sonshine!


Here are the rules for the award:

– Bloggers award other bloggers whom they consider as “up and coming” and have less than 200 followers, or are a newer blog.

– If you receive a Liebster, you must tell 11 things about yourself, answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger, and nominate 11 new bloggers.

– You then ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated.  Oh, and don’t forget to inform the bloggers you chose.

So, here goes:

11 little known facts about me:

  1. I took 4 years of French in high school.
  2. I love learning, no matter what the topic.
  3. Cream cheese is my absolute favourite food… anything with cream cheese has just got to be good!
  4. Someday, I want to travel the world, but would settle for a tour of Europe.
  5. I was a coffee addict as a teen (awful, isn’t it?)
  6. I would love to run every morning, but probably never will (I have motivation issues that early in the day)
  7. I am planning to learn Latin and Spanish in the next few years.
  8. I rarely use a recipe when cooking.
  9. I’m a big fan of quality children’s literature, especially books from the mid-1900s.
  10. I plan to homeschool my children.
  11. I love editing photos, scrapbooking, and anything else digital design.

Mama Sonshine’s questions:

  1. What animal would you love to own? A Labrador Retriever puppy.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend? Absolutely nothing. That, and talking.
  3. What genre of book or movie can you not pass up? A good mystery.
  4. What is your go to dinner recipe or place? Recipe: Taco Lasagna | Place: Keg Steakhouse
  5. What is the thing you most desire now? Honestly… I already have everything I could want.
  6. What is your favorite past vacation? Jamaica, for our honeymoon
  7. What is your secret indulgence? Chocolate
  8. Do you speak a foreign language and what one would you like to learn? At one point, I spoke French quite fluently, although I’ve lost it with years of not using it. I am hoping to learn some Latin and Spanish in the near future, and Greek eventually.
  9. How organized are you? I like to think I’m organized but I could probably improve in some areas.
  10. Did, or will, the number of siblings you have determine the number of children you will or will not have? Not really.
  11. What is your dream for retirement (other than financial stability and good health)? Spending as much time as possible with my husband and children (and hopefully granchildren!)

My 11 nominees:

Gleams of Sunshine – Becky share her adventures as a home-schooling mama of 3.

A Homegrown Life – Notes from a crunchy, Christian mom.

New Mom on the Blog – all things baby

Until Wednesday Calls – Melissa shares her crafty talents

The Middle Aged Mom Who Lives In A Shoe – shares her adventures as a stay-at-home mom of 4.

Whistler Baby – blogs all things baby and life with her twin boys in the mountains.

Button Field Photography – Jessica does amazing work… check it out!

Cheese Whiz & Mustard – she’s all about the mix and match… and funny too!

Our Small Hours – with loads of information on healthy living and homeschooling.

A New Mommy’s Blog – Rachel is a mother of 3 and writes about life with her family.

Our Sunnyview – a modern one-room schoolhouse.

*Note: Some of these bloggers might have more than 200 followers, but I can’t always tell.

11 questions for my nominees:

1. What was the best thing that happened in your life in 2012?

2. Favourite food?

3. What is your favourite hobby?

4. What is one place you’d love to travel to someday?

5. Would you rather write things by hand or type them out?

6. What is one skill you have completely mastered?

7. One skill you’d love to learn?

8. Summer or winter?

9. One thing you really want to accomplish in 2013?

10. What was your favourite toy as a child?

11. What is your most-cherished item in your home? Why?

Thanks again to Mama Sonshine for giving me this award!


All Smiles!!!

I’ve been nominated for the….


Many thanks to twinzees for nominating me!! I’m so happy to have found your blog… your twins are adorable!

The rules for the award:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
  • Nominate other blogs for this award and let them know.
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Answer 5 questions:
  1. Cookies or Cake? Definitely cookies… unless we’re talking cheesecake, then I’ll take the cake any day!
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate… can’t stand vanilla
  3. Favourite sweet treat? Any kind of milk chocolate with a hazelnut or rum filling 🙂
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Right after lunch!
  5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? I’ve had many nicknames, but none of them are necessarily sweet, except the one my husband calls me (he’d probably appreciate it if it didn’t go public!)

My nominees

  • A Thoughtful Housewife – Ashley always has something fresh on her blog, a humorous concoction of all things marriage, parenthood, and life in general.
  • Mennonite Girls Can Cook – I love their recipes… real, homemade food made with love.
  • Five In Tow – Kristen shares moments from her life “with five in tow”. I especially love her recent series on how to enjoy your children more.. check it out!
  • Atlantamomofthree– She writes about all things domestic… great ideas and lots of food for thought!
  • My Blessed Life – Yummy recipes, DIY home decor, and seasonal crafts to make any home more beautiful!

And thanks again for the nomination, twinzees!