Did-It-Myself Maxi

Well, I’m a pro at planning a project (and possibly starting it) and then never getting it done.

But, today, I surprised myself.

I have this maxi dress that I bought a few months ago that I just love. It’s comfy and colorful and if I could, I’d wear it ALL the time. But, I’m guessing people would start getting a little sick of always seeing me in bold magenta stripes, so I figured, rather than spend lots of money buying other maxi skirts and dresses like it, I’d just make my own. Now, I haven’t really sewn anything since I was, like, 15, so this was kind of a big deal. But I figured if I could do it back then, I could do it now… I just had to try. So I ordered fabric and promptly told some people that I ordered said fabric (because if I don’t tell anyone what I’m planning to do, I won’t be held accountable to myself 🙂 … that’s my strategy for actually getting things done… anyone else do this or is it just me??).

The material arrived yesterday, so I washed and dried it and, bright and early this morning, I got to work. I had found this tutorial a few weeks ago, so that’s kinda what I went by, except instead of measuring myself I just traced my existing maxi onto the material, added seam allowances and cut it out…. worked great!

Here’s what I ended up with:


Yes, I’m standing on a chair.

And then, since this one was so easy, I made another one (same design on the fabric, just a yellow stripe instead of pink)… didn’t take nearly as long as the first, now that I sorta knew what I was doing.


I know, photo quality isn’t the greatest… but you get the idea.

(In case you care or want to make one using this same fabric, I got it from Fabric.com.)

And these skirts are so incredibly comfy, I’ve already decided I’m going to make a bunch more, probably in some solid colours too, you know, just to change things up a bit. I can’t be all stripy every day, right?

(And now that I’ve told you all that I plan to make more, I will be much more likely to follow through… heading over to pick out some more fabric now. See… it works!)


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