the impact of my words

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“Just hurry up!”

I catch myself saying that a LOT lately. It seems I’m constantly telling my son to hurry up with eating, dressing, undressing, going outside, coming in… everything.

It hit me the other day:

Do I really want my kids to hurry up about EVERYTHING?

Is that the message I want them to come out of childhood with?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I want them to do just the opposite.

I want them to slow down. To enjoy life. To cherish every moment.

And if I’m always telling them to hurry up, how will they ever learn to JUST. SLOW. DOWN.

The words I say have a huge impact on the way their little minds think, the way I speak to them becomes their inner voice to themselves.

Is ‘hurry up’ really what I want their default thought-line to be? Is that what I want them to tell themselves, subconsciously, for the rest of their lives?

No, I don’t.

While there are times that it’s necessary to do things quickly, I do not want to instill in my children the feeling that life is a race against time, like if they aren’t fast enough, they aren’t good enough.

Because the truth is: they are always good enough for me, no matter how quickly, or slowly, they accomplish things.

I will always love them.

If I want them to know that hurrying doesn’t make them any better, if I want them to slow down and enjoy life, then I need to change the way I speak to them.

If I’m trying myself to slow down every day, then I need to make my words match my actions, so they can learn to do the same.

It’s going to take some time to break this habit, but I believe it’s worth it.


This Summer…


I get the most out of my summer vacation by “doing” the least. I get the most of my summer vacation by simply being — by simply “spending” hours.

“Spend the afternoon, you can’t take it with you.” That’s what Annie Dillard said.

~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

This summer, I plan to do as little as possible. Forget the projects, activities, scheduled events and the clock. I just want to spend my time enjoying life, family, and all the beauty around us every day.

I will accomplish very little, but enjoy every moment I can, and spend as much time as I can doing nothing.

This summer, I want to fill my hours and days with laughter, love, and just “being”.

What about you?


(Edited To Add: This post over at Simple Mom is all about embracing summer!)


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Did-It-Myself Maxi

Well, I’m a pro at planning a project (and possibly starting it) and then never getting it done.

But, today, I surprised myself.

I have this maxi dress that I bought a few months ago that I just love. It’s comfy and colorful and if I could, I’d wear it ALL the time. But, I’m guessing people would start getting a little sick of always seeing me in bold magenta stripes, so I figured, rather than spend lots of money buying other maxi skirts and dresses like it, I’d just make my own. Now, I haven’t really sewn anything since I was, like, 15, so this was kind of a big deal. But I figured if I could do it back then, I could do it now… I just had to try. So I ordered fabric and promptly told some people that I ordered said fabric (because if I don’t tell anyone what I’m planning to do, I won’t be held accountable to myself 🙂 … that’s my strategy for actually getting things done… anyone else do this or is it just me??).

The material arrived yesterday, so I washed and dried it and, bright and early this morning, I got to work. I had found this tutorial a few weeks ago, so that’s kinda what I went by, except instead of measuring myself I just traced my existing maxi onto the material, added seam allowances and cut it out…. worked great!

Here’s what I ended up with:


Yes, I’m standing on a chair.

And then, since this one was so easy, I made another one (same design on the fabric, just a yellow stripe instead of pink)… didn’t take nearly as long as the first, now that I sorta knew what I was doing.


I know, photo quality isn’t the greatest… but you get the idea.

(In case you care or want to make one using this same fabric, I got it from

And these skirts are so incredibly comfy, I’ve already decided I’m going to make a bunch more, probably in some solid colours too, you know, just to change things up a bit. I can’t be all stripy every day, right?

(And now that I’ve told you all that I plan to make more, I will be much more likely to follow through… heading over to pick out some more fabric now. See… it works!)

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