10 Habits for a Well-Run Home

If you feel overwhelmed at times (or all the time!) with housework, cleaning and just life in general as a mom, I’d like to share some very practical tips to help you manage your home a little better, and feel like things are under control. I stumbled across this list on Pinterest a while back, and found it quite useful for myself, so I’m sharing it in the hopes that some of you will be helped by it too.

Bernice over at The Stressed Mom shares advice with moms on making life easier and feeling more organized.

Here are her first 3 habits to practice:

1. Wake up early. I know this one stinks, but it is the best way to get a jump on your day. Otherwise, the day seems to be in control rather than you controlling the day.

2. Waking up early starts with going to bed earlier. I know that you like the time after the kids have gone to bed for yourself, or for working on projects, or even for trying to catch up on housework. The fact is, shutting down and turning in earlier will make for a better morning and you will likely be more productive. This may not be accurate for the true night owls out there, but I urge you to give it a try.

3. Evening preparations. Make sure everything that is needed to leave the house in the morning is prepped and where it should be. Teach your children this habit as soon as you possibly can, it can make your life easier.

For the rest of her list, visit The Stressed Mom.

Here’s to more organized moms!


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