Annoying Little Things


You know those times when someone in your family (husband, child, whoever) just can’t seem to do that one thing right? And you start to feel the frustration and annoyance rising just thinking about it?

I’m talking about little things, like which side of the sink to put the dirty dishes (why on earth would you put them on the “clean” side?), or the way the books get stacked horizontally on the bookshelf (everyone knows they should be standing upright, no?!).

(Or the pronunciation of “mischievous”, “realtor” and “height”… and the correct use of apostrophes. Yep, that’s me, maybe a little OCD, I admit.)

Just the little things that annoy you every. single. time.

Now, a question: Have you ever tried (I mean, really tried) to look past the annoying and frustrating to find something pleasing and beautiful?

Just because you may think that, OF COURSE, the books should be standing vertically (and in order from tallest to shortest, please!), doesn’t mean that someone else cares at all about the books.

Maybe they care about how the shoes are placed by the door, or how their shirts are organized on the shelf, or the way the lawn is mowed.

Maybe, by doing things differently than the way you would do them, your child is letting his creativity or eye for detail show through, and your husband is telling you what really matters to him. That’s a beautiful thing!

But, all too often, we think that our way is the best way.

And we overlook the fact that their opinions matter too.

My point is that everyone has their little habits and things that matter to them, and just because you all happen to share a house and, possibly, a last name, doesn’t mean everyone should do things the same way (or.. your way).

Accepting others’ “faults” and looking for their gifts can make your life a LOT less stressful. A challenge, yes, but probably worth the effort.

And maybe it will help you see a few things that you do that are annoying to everyone else around you as well.

My goal this week: Focus on the good I see, and let the little things slide. And smile!


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Some Links for You This Weekend

I know, I know… I’ve been a little absent lately. I apologize. I will try to resume my regular weekly posts.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

The Muffin Tin Lunch

Or supper. Have any of you tried this? I got the idea from Pinterest recently and tried it a few times for my son… he loved it! The last time I used sliced summer sausage, cheddar cheese, pickles, carrot sticks, some cheesy crackers, and mandarin orange segments – all in a mini muffin tin:P1110945

There’s just something about being able to choose what’s in your next bite and play around a little. For a 3-year-old, that’s pretty cool!P1110949

And I like that it’s quick, easy and you can use whatever you have in the house!

If you’re new… head here to read about the purpose behind this blog (and perhaps a little bit of encouragement?)