Simple Fun for Your Toddler | 20 Ideas

For those of you with little ones, like myself, I know how easy it is to just let your kids find their own entertainment all day. Nothing wrong with that… it’s very healthy, in fact, this freedom to do as they please within certain boundaries.

But, sometimes, when life gets to be too much and the kids are bored and you just want to hear laughter in the place of whining, a little help from their mother could just change the atmosphere of your home for the rest of the day, and possibly even give them new ideas to employ the next time their little minds tire of the same old toys. Here are some quick, easy ideas to help you infuse some FUN into your toddler’s life, and maybe keep you sane!


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1. Fill a tub with some rainbow rice and watch them dig for hours.

2. Have a party… juice, cookies, funny hats… and why not invite all the stuffed animals too?!

3. Bake something, anything… together.

4. Find (or create) a dark place and make silly hand shadows on the walls.

5. Mix up a batch of Cloud Dough and head outside on a warm day for loads of messy fun.

6. Then, jump in the tub with some homemade bath crayons.

7. Build a fort.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

8. Build the highest tower possible out of MegaBloks, take a picture (complete with silly faces) and then destroy it (the tower, not the picture).

9. Have a pillow fight.

10. Put on some silly kids’ music and sing at the top of your lungs. They’ll think they have the most awesome mama in the world.

11. Make them (and you too!) a special cup of hot chocolate or cider and cozy up with a warm blanket and a good book. And a few teddy bears.

12. Grab some paper and scizzors and cut out some paper snowflakes or paper dolls.

13. Get out of the house – go for a walk and count things, run through the sprinkler or go swimming.

14. Make some finger paint, cover a table with paper (or head outside if it’s warm) and let them create their very own masterpiece. Hey, why not make one of your own!

15. Have a little man with too much energy? Mix up some gooey slime to entertain him.

16. Make a spider’s web of sticky masking tape across a doorway, wad up some paper balls to throw and see how many you can get to stick to the web.

17. Give her a broom and let her be mommy’s little helper.

Photo by albastrica mititica

Photo by albastrica mititica

18. Colour a picture.. yes, you too! Head here for TONS of printable colouring pages.

19. Play tickle tag. Be a kid. Giggle.

20. Blow up some balloons and have a blast stomping on them. Or if your child is scared of the popping noise, just play catch.

Check out my Kids’ Activities board on Pinterest for loads more fun!


If you’re new… head here to read about the purpose behind this blog (and perhaps a little bit of encouragement?)

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