Making Our Values Real – Part Three

Image courtesy of healingdream /

Image courtesy of healingdream /

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In discovering our primary value/priority for our lives, we must realize that we can set all the goals we want but they are futile without this:

Life is NOW.

Not in a week, a month, a year… Our lives are happening NOW, as we speak.

We can set a goal to lose 20 pounds by June, or plan a schedule to ease us into eating healthier (less starch this week, more water next week, etc.), or decide that we will create a more peaceful home next month, or start making our home more fun-filled once our youngest turns 3, or whatever….

But what we need to realize is that our life doesn’t start in June or next month or when the youngest is 3.

Our lives are happening NOW.

So, instead of making plans, goals, decisions for the future, make them for now.

Decide TODAY that you will eat healthier TODAY. Light a candle or get rid of junk to make your home more peaceful TODAY. Play a game with your children and laugh together TODAY.

Make it happen… TODAY.

How we spend our moments is how we spend our lives.

– Paul Brandt


I hope you enjoyed this mini-series about building our lives around our most valued qualities. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Would you like to see more series like this? Any requests or ideas for future topics?

If you’re new… head here to read about the purpose behind this blog (and perhaps a little bit of encouragement?)

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