Making Our Values Real – Part One

Image courtesy of healingdream /

Image courtesy of healingdream /

On Monday, I mentioned that I would be writing about the purpose of our life as mothers. As it turns out, the idea I had in my mind did not at all come through clearly in that phrase… obviously I was a little rushed when I wrote that and didn’t put a lot of thought into my wording. I apologize.

What I was meaning to write about is not our purpose in life (although that would be a thought-provoking topic to delve into) but rather how we can make our purpose (or dreams) for our homes and lives come true, or more precisely, how we can make our most valued quality become a practical reality in our daily lives. So if you’d like to weave a certain quality or aspect into your family’s lives, here are my thoughts:

Do you live from day to day without really thinking about the little decisions you make or why you do what you do? I’ve had weeks (or months) like that, and at those times I feel really lost in life, like I’m trying to catch up to some standard but yet don’t have the energy or motivation to do all I want to do or don’t even know what I want or should be doing with my life, or how that should look in all the miniscule details of daily life.

I think every mother has those times.

So how do we deal with it? How do we dig ourselves out of the rut of monotony and infuse some passion into our lives?

How do we learn to love what we do on a daily basis and have that energy that we crave?

We find a value or quality to build our daily lives around.

I’m sure every mother has at some point thought about what they’d like their life to be like, what they want to be the central theme of their home.

This quality may be to raise our children with certain values and morals, or to create a haven of rest and peace for our family at all times, or a fun-loving and laughter-filled environment.

Whatever your most valued quality for your home is, find it.

You may ask, “How?”

Well, a good place to start is to think of all the things you DON’T want your lives to be like, the things you don’t want to cross your children’s or husband’s mind as they look back on this time from the distant future, or what you don’t want your guests to feel and think when they enter your home.

For me, that means this: I don’t want to be remembered as being rushed, focused on a clean house, checking things off a to-do list all day every day, constantly rushing here and there trying to accomplish as much as possible.

The opposite of this? PEACE.

What I want is peace.

Peace in our home, love in our hearts, and a good foundation for our children to grow up on and live by.

That’s my most desired value, my most needed quality in our home. Peace.

What is yours?

What you do today is important, because you

are exchanging a day of your life for it.

-Author Unknown

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2 thoughts on “Making Our Values Real – Part One

  1. So very true! I will have to think on this more. I don’t know right off what I’d want my children and husband (and me!) to look back and think of this time in our lives. But I love your answer!! I look forward to reading part two. ❤

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