Confidence or Cockiness?

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It’s a fine line between the two. Of course you want your kids to be confident in their own abilities and who they are, but how do you keep them from becoming TOO confident and crossing the line into being just a tad bit cocky?

A good balance of praise, failure, admonition, and success is the key to knowing what and how good they can do something and yet realizing that they are, after all, human, and not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes in life. It’s how we learn for the future.

So, as a mother, is there a way you can control that balance to some degree to help your child learn confidence without cockiness?

Sarah, over at Diapers & Daisies, wrote on this very topic earlier this week. Here’s a little piece of what she wrote:

Let them cry. Don’t let your children be afraid to express themselves. They
should not only be proud of who they are, but also in their ability to love,
hate, cry and laugh. Encourage your children to express their every frustration,
their every joy. There is an innocence and honesty to those who are confident
enough to express themselves without fear of judgement.

Let them see you cry. They need to see the emotions of others in order to develop
empathy and compassion. They need to know that feelings are not shameful. More
importantly, they need to learn  how to be a cheerleader for

Praise them. This is too easy, right? What don’t you love about your children?
Share that. Tell them how proud you are. Let your pride shine through every word
you speak and every hug you give. Don’t just praise the results, but also their
efforts. They need to know that what they gave was was worth the

Reprimand them. Yes, they are wonderful. Yes, they do everything right in your
eyes. But, they need to be held accountable for the not-so-right. They need to
know that they are not untouchable. On occasion, they need to step down from the
pedestal that you have placed them on.

To read more, click here.

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