Mother’s Day & A Game of Hope (videos)

I just saw this video and cried… Take a look. You might want to grab the Kleenex box first.


And here’s a second one… totally illustrates neighbourly love!


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day & A Game of Hope (videos)

  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved them both.. That mother did an amazingly, sacrificial, unselfish act without any thought that changed all of their lives – I believe any mother would do the same thing… As for the inmates, what a great example to us what an unselfish, thoughtful gesture can mean to those who need exactly that feeling of some self-worth, love and respect.. LOVED IT..

  2. Thanks for sharing these videos… both of them had me crying! I was especially touched by A Game of Hope- for those teens knowing there was someone who loved and cared for them, regardless of their crimes, is like the love of a Spiritual Father to His people. Very touching, and incomprehensible… yet that love is what will break the heart.

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