This Moment

There are many, many times in life where we just want to cash out and give up for a while, aren’t there? You know what I mean, those times when we are stretched to the limit and don’t have the energy or patience to take it any longer. When all we want is to just be alone with a good book and a cup of coffee for 8 hours straight.

But as mothers, we don’t have that option. In fact, very few people in this world do. There is very little we can change about our issues and challenges in moments like this, but one thing we CAN change is our attitude.

We can accept our challenges and meet them head on with joy. We can look towards the finish line and ask ourselves how THIS MOMENT can be used to shape our children into the adults we want them to be someday. We can take a deep breath, smile (even if we feel like crying), and get back in the game.

We have choices in life. Why choose to be miserable?

Jamie at Steady Mom wrote the following a while ago:

It’s all we have, no matter where we go.

It may be thrilling, painful, boring, or lovely.

We want to run from it at times, when it means:

– discipline issues

– messes to clean up

– work to be done.

But in embracing it, we find our greatest freedom.

Life without worry, without overanalyzing the future or past.

This moment is perfect.

Let’s enter it and enjoy.


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